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Professional Audiology services in Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Sedgefield and Somerset West
Our goal is to not only improve your hearing, but ultimately, your overall well-being.
We provide personalised, caring and comprehensive, state of the art audiological services for those with hearing loss and tinnitus.
Get plugged in, because life is worth hearing.

Why should you choose Advanced Hearing?

We're hEAR for you


We provide diagnostic examinations that are thorough, precise and accurate


We fit the most technologically advanced hearing aids, from the best manufacturers


We supply a range of custom made hearing protection for industrial noise protection, swimming, sleeping and musicians

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What our clients say

I reluctantly agreed to be fitted with a pair of hearing devices but never told a soul about my journey. Not even my husband. It was MY struggle and I didn’t need sympathy or advice from anyone. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t need hearing aids either! I couldn't have been more wrong! From the moment I placed the tiny device in my ear, I was overcome with emotion, taking in the symphony of sounds that I was missing all along.

Louann Waters

( Plettenberg Bay )

We were very fortunate to have met with you, because Erni felt at ease and comfortable with you from the first consultation. The professional and empathic manner in which you treated him, filled him with trust and confidence to continue the process. Based on your skilful guidance we were able to make an informed and ultimately the right choice of aid according to his needs. Although we met with several issues, the fact that we could rely on your skill, abilities and understanding, helped us solve the problems. As with any substantial change in lifestyle, the main thing is to persist through such problems and now Erni is the proud wearer of the quality-of-life improving hearing aids.

Erni and Ina Neef

( Plettenberg Bay )

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