7 Magnificent Features of Modern Hearing Aids

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7 Magnificent Features of Modern Hearing Aids

Wireless connectivity, remote controls, and synchronization. Does this sound like a new computer? No, it’s a new hearing aid. Modern technology has taken hearing devices out of the dark ages and equipped them with state-of-the-art features. If you think that your hearing loss will leave you with a bulky amplifier that is one generation away from an ear trumpet, it is time for another look. Or should we say, another listen?

Wireless Technology
Modern hearing aids now have wireless capabilities which enable hearing aids to communicate with each other. So if you make adjustments to one, the other will automatically adjust. If one adjusts to a changing sound environment, the other will follow suit. Would you like to connect to a mobile phone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device? An audiologist can recommend appropriate hearing aids and a compatible streamer.

Open-ear devices
In the past, it was common for audiologists to take impressions of patients’ outer ear canals to custom-fit a hearing aid. Today, technology has now made possible the development of devices that can leave the ear canal open. These discreet units fit behind the ear and leave the canal unobstructed. Open-ear devices are available in numerous designs much like ear jewellery.

Wind Noise Reduction
If you love being outside, you will certainly appreciate this new feature. Maybe your hobbies such as golfing, fishing, and boating have suffered due to excessive wind noise? This hearing technology can detect the presence of wind blowing across the hearing aid microphones. It then can either avoid or reduce the amplification of it.

Data Logging
Hearing aids that have memories! Data logging is an advanced feature that stores data about the multiple environments in which you may use your hearing aids. At a follow-up appointment, an audiologist can use the information regarding volume levels to further customize your hearing aids for you.

Learning Ability
The smart hearing aids. These hearing aids can learn and apply your personal preferences. These intelligent devices log volume and program preferences for certain environments and then automatically adjust when the situation is detected. This feature reduces the hassle the wearer experiences when making manual adjustments.

Directional Microphones
This feature improves speech understanding in background noise. These directional specific devices are designed to boost sounds that come in from the front of the hearing aid wearer and reduce sounds coming from other directions. The result is improved speech recognition and reduced ambient noise.

Remote Control
Some hearing devices operate via remote control. These controls can also function as a Bluetooth streaming device. These controls can be beneficial to those who need to make adjustments without actually touching the hearing aids. Although automatic controls have decreased the need for remote control devices, some users will still find them to be beneficial.

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, hearing aids are continuing to grow in comfort, style, and available features.

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